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NFL Works To Make Combine More Television Friendly

The NFL is considering implementing a 40-yard race for future NFL Combine prospects in addition to a strength competition, according to The New York Times.

The goal of the potential changes, according to The Times, would be to give the viewers a less monotonous experience than watching simple routine exercises.

“We would not want to do something that was just good for television, or just good for the fans, if it were at the expense of either the football evaluation or the players’ preparation,” said Eric Grubman, executive vice president of N.F.L. ventures and business operations, told the Times. “It’s a balancing act. The combine works.”

“When you make it interesting, people want to see it,” Grubman said. “When you let them in, it gets bigger. When it gets bigger, other people want to be there. It goes from football media, who are attracted to it because it’s such a pure event, to popular media, to sponsors because fans are watching.”