Carlos Rogers Confirms That Gregg Williams Used Bounties In D.C.

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San Francisco 49ers' corner back, Carlos Rogers, who played for Gregg Williams in D.C., told KNBR San Francisco that Williams had a bounty system in place when he was the defensive coordinator for the Redskins, according to Profootballtalk.

“It went on to guys just suggesting stuff in a room,” Rogers said.  “If you knock this person out, let’s say a receiver, he comes across the middle.  Safety knocks him out, a legal hit, you get this amount of money.”

Roger also stated that he believes the term "bounty" is an overstatement and that even with the NFL's effort to prevent situations like the New Orleans Saints, teams will still implement similar tactics and players will continue to give big hits due to the nature of pro-football.

“Will guys stop doing it in their [meeting] rooms?  I doubt it.”