By Evans Clinchy
April 06, 2012

In a rare instance of agreement with David Stern, Dallas Mavericks owner has echoed the commissioner's sentiments about the NBA's "one and done" rule, saying that he also believes college basketball players are being drafted too young into the pros. In fact, Cuban told Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News, he'd like for kids to stay in college for three years, not two.

"It's not even so much about lottery busts," Cuban said. "It's about kids' lives that we're ruining. Even if you're a first-round pick and you have three years of guaranteed money -- or two years now of guaranteed money -- then what? Because if you're a bust and it turns out you just can't play in the NBA, your 'rocks for jocks' one year of schooling isn't going to get you far.

"I just don't think it takes into consideration the kids enough. Obviously, I think there's significant benefit for the NBA. It's not my decision to make, but that's my opinion on it."

The NBA and the Players' Association had the chance to amend the "one and done" rule during last summer's lockout, but instead the discussion centered around the players' revenue split. The players did form a committee to discuss rule changes, loosely built around some owners, NBA Players Association reps and NCAA officials, but nothing ever came of it.

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