By Evans Clinchy
April 05, 2012

Fifteen years into his tenure with the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan knows he could easily walk away at the end of this season with no regrets, surely to be remembered as the greatest power forward in the history of basketball. But in a new column published today by Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears, Duncan reveals that retirement isn't on his mind just yet.

“I don’t really worry about that part of it,” said Duncan, who turns 36 later this month.

Despite his advanced age, Duncan has anchored a Spurs team that's been right there among the NBA's best over the last two seasons. His minutes have been reduced to career-low levels -- 28.4 per game last season and 28.6 now -- and some nights he's a healthy scratch altogether. But Duncan continues to produce, and the Spurs keep winning with a mix of elite veterans and young, talented role players.

“It’s fun having a bunch of new guys, seeing them interact,” Duncan said. “You feel like the old guy sometimes. But I got some old heads with me, too, so it’s good.”

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