By Will Yoder
April 10, 2012

Chicago Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose, injured his right ankle against the Knicks on Sunday, and it will be a game-time decision on whether he will play tonight, according to ESPN.

"It was something I knew was big," Rose said. "Where in the fourth quarter, that's why I was walking the ball up the majority of the time. I wasn't running because of the throbbing; I was just trying to win the game and it definitely hurts losing the game and definitely have to sit out this game if I do choose to play or choose not to play. It's definitely going to hurt. That game hurt a lot."

"Right now, every day it's getting better," Rose said. "I got a lot of treatment [Monday], coming back in this morning. Every day, every treatment, it's getting better."

Rose has missed a big chunk of the season, missing 12 games prior to the Knicks game with a groin injury. The league’s most recent MVP has said that the injuries are keeping him from getting into a rhythm where he can be consistently effective this year.

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