Steve Nash Disappointed By Ricky Rubio's Injury

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Two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Steve Nash told the Star Tribune that he was disappointed to see rookie point guard Ricky Rubio go down to a knee injury in March.

"It hurt them, obviously, in a number of ways," Nash told the paper. "One, it took away their main playmaker. And two, it hurt their depth. It's not something anyone wants to see happen. And it's a shame for the team. You never want to see that happen to anybody."

"I was very disappointed for Ricky," Nash said. "He was having a very good rookie year, and he was an exciting player for our league, so it's a shame. But he's young. He'll recover well, and he'll be back this time next year and nobody will remember what happened."

Nash, well known for his distributing style of play, said that Rubio had already earned a “ton of respect” around the league for his creativity with the basketball.