By Will Yoder
April 24, 2012

New Jersey’s Governor, Chris Christie said he couldn't care less about the Nets leaving Jersey for Brooklyn, according to CBS Sports.

"I'm not going to the Nets game tonight and my message to the Nets is goodbye," Christie said "If you don't want to stay, we don't want you. Seriously, I'm not going to be in the business of begging people to stay here. That's one of the most beautiful arenas in America that they've had a chance to play in. It's in one of the country's most vibrant cities.

"They want to leave here and go to Brooklyn? Good riddance. See you later."

"There will be no tears shed on my part tonight," Christie said. "If they go, they go. That decision was made a long time ago. If they want to go to Brooklyn, have at it. No problem from my perspective."

The Nets played their last game in their current home, Prudential stadium, Monday night against the Philadelphia 76ers and are now scheduled to begin their move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the 2012-2013 season.

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