Report: Dwight Howard Will Request A Trade After The Season

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Stephen A. Smith of ESPN is reporting that Orlando Magic center, Dwight Howard, will request to be traded as soon as the Magic are eliminated from the postseason.

"The minute this season is over, according to what I am hearing from his camp, you can expect Dwight Howard to tell Orlando. 'Get me out of here. I don't want to be here any longer.' You've got Stan Van Gundy annoyed with the organization. You've got Dwight Howard disgusted with the organization. The way he's been treated, along with the way his teammates have been AWOL on him as far as he's concerned. You've got a problem.

Not to mention the fact, there's one other little Cliff Note that you might find interesting. When he had his back surgery, they were talking about giving him a flight on Air Tran or something like that. This is the kind of stuff that I've been told in the last 24 hours in terms of how they've treated him. He feels as a superstar, he's been treated as a scrub."

Howard had requested a trade from the club prior to the 2011-12 season, but later signed a document with the club that waived his right to opt out of his contract this offseason. It was believed at the time that this agreement would keep Howard in a Magic uniform through at least next year’s trade deadline, however tensions have grown between the player, the coaching staff, and the organization in recent weeks.