By Will Yoder
May 02, 2012

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is auctioning off the face mask he wore for weeks to protect him from further damage to a nasal fracture, according to USA Today.

In the third quarter of the NBA All-Star Game on February 26th, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade fouled Kobe Bryant across the face, breaking his nose and giving him a concussion.

For the next five weeks, Kobe wore the clear, protective face mask and continued to play at a very elite level.  In 11 games while wearing the mask, he scored a total of 342 points, averaging over 30 points per game, as well as hitting his 29,000 career point on March 9th against the Timberwolves.

All the proceeds from the autographed face mask up for auction on eBay will benefit the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation’s Youth Homelessness Initiative, which works to positively impact youth homelessness in Los Angeles.

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