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LeBron James Says Lakers Made A 'Great Play' Deferring To Steve Blake

The Los Angeles Lakers were questionable in their execution down the stretch last night in Game 2 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, as Metta World Peace could have set up superstar teammate Kobe Bryant for a game-winning shot, but instead he passed to Steve Blake and Blake missed the clutch jumper.

The Lakers have been scrutinized today because of the result, but was the play a bad one in theory? Not according to another NBA superstar with a dubious reputation for deferring in the fourth quarter.

"I thought it was a great play," LeBron James said today, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "You guys know my answer. I thought it was a great play."

"Those are the same shots that Derek Fisher has hit multiple times for the Lakers. And if Steve Blake makes that shot, then it's a whole different storyline. You guys know how it works. I think it was a great play. Ron Artest made the perfect play, and [Blake] just missed it. You make that shot, you miss it, the storyline gets changed."