By Marc Weinreich
May 25, 2012

Lawrence Taylor, the New York Giants Hall-of-Fame linebacker, auctioned his ring for $230,000 in May. (Tom Berg/Getty Images)

The representative for New York Giants Hall-of-Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor said on Thursday following his clients sale of a 1991 Super Bowl ring that the buyer is none other than Charlie Sheen, according to According to Taylor's representative, Mark Lepselter, Sheen had supposedly placed the winning bid of $230,000 for the ring.

But on Friday morning, Sheen tweeted that it was, in fact, not true.

The rumor wasn't entirely far-fetched. Sheen spent $93,000 in 1992 for the ball that rolled through the legs of Red Sox first basemen Bill Buckner in game six of the 1986 World Series. Sheen sold it eight years later for $64,000 and the ball was sold again in May 2012, this time for $418,250.  Lepselter confirmed that it was Taylor's son, T.J., who put the ring up for auction after he received it as a gift from his father.

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