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Shaq receives Father of the Year Award

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Shaquille O'Neal was one of the five honorees at the 71st annual Father of the Year Awards banquet in New York City on June 14. (Rob Kim/Getty Images)


Shaquille O’Neal took a break from his TNT studio work to travel to New York on Thursday to receive a Father of the Year award, and Shaq being Shaq, he wasn’t shy about discussing a couple of news items in the process.

The four-time NBA champion made headlines recently when he indicated interest in the open Orlando Magic GM position. He eventually withdrew from consideration before interviewing and said Thursday that “I wouldn’t be comfortable taking the GM job if I couldn’t do it my way.” Besides, he says he’s “having fun with TNT. It’s probably one the best, comfiest, easiest jobs in the country.”

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O’Neal also commented on the NBA Finals, saying that while he doesn’t have a favored team, he thought the Thunder were impressive in their Game 1 victory. “They kept their composure; they didn’t panic when Miami came out [hot in the first half]. And [Kevin] Durant played a smooth game as usual.”


--Erin Weaver