Tim Tebow to deliver Father's Day sermon on San Diego Chargers home field

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Tim Tebow will deliver a Father's Day sermon on the San Diego Chargers home field on Sunday. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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Tim Tebow, the New York Jets backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez, will be spending Father's Day on the San Diego Chargers home field, delivering a sermon "encouraging men to live, love and lead" as part of a service hosted by the Shadow Mountain Community Church, according to Michael David Smith of NBCSports:

The event will likely draw tens of thousands, and the church said that once Tebow’s presence had been secured, they knew they’d need to find a much bigger facility than their own building. Qualcomm was the logical choice.

“If there’s anybody in our country today who illustrates what it means to live with passion and break the mold, and to rise above what everybody says are your limitations, it’s Tim Tebow,” Shadow Mountain spokesman David St. John told the North County Times. “He did that as a quarterback in Florida, he did that in the NFL with the Denver Broncos, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the camp that bets against him as he continues his career with the Jets. There are a lot of folks who will be sitting in the bleachers on Sunday who have been given the same kind of message — either, ‘You’re not talented enough’ or ‘You’re not capable of leading.’”

Pastor David Jeremiah from the Community Church will conduct the service and said in a statement that Tebow is an anomaly today because he embraces the responsibility of being a role model when most athletes stay away from the label:

"Tim recognizes that the real game changer is Jesus Christ, and he passionately lives out his faith every day, both publicly and privately," the statement continues. "Tim gives Christ the glory and honor at every turn and he embraces the label 'role model' in this time when most athletes shun the title."