By Bill Carey
June 20, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night that he wasn't worried about making the men's basketball team for this summer's London Olympics.

He said he wasn't sure if he would even need to try out.

"I don't know if I have to because they always need at least one token white guy," Love said. "So I think that I have a pretty good shot of making it."

Love also talked about a famous Twitter incident from his rookie season. Love broke the news that Minnesota coach Kevin McHale was stepping down.

"I got a phone call from Boston great Kevin McHale, who was my coach for the second half of my rookie year in Minnesota," Love said. "He mentioned that he was leaving the team. So for me, I thought, I'm going to put this on Twitter. It actually kind of broke ground, broke news for the first time anyone had ever done it.

"It's funny ... I didn't realize I was in a position of power actually."

Love left Twitter for about two years before returning. He now has nearly 285,000 followers and is more careful with what he posts.

"They put so many rules and restrictions, and I think I actually had a lot to do with that," Love said. "You have to let the media do their job. "So there's certain protocol to it. For us, we have to be safe about what they say, or Mr. Stern's going to come knocking on our door with a pink slip or a slip that's going to give us a pretty hefty fine."

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