By Alexander Abnos
July 09, 2012

Ray Allen and Doc Rivers Doc Rivers and Celtics management couldn't convince Ray Allen to stay in Boston (Nathaniel S. Butler, Getty Images)

In the wake of shooting guard Ray Allen's imminent departure to the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers has come out in defense of his team's efforts to re-sign the 3-point marksman.

Speaking to the Boston Herald, Rivers insisted that the Celtics did everything in their power the keep Allen, while insinuating that Allen may have been frustrated that the team sought out a Kevin Garnett extension first.

“Kevin Garnett was our focal point, and he should have been. If that got anyone ruffled, then that’s probably too bad. We did everything we were supposed to do. At the end of the day you just follow the money trail, and in this case, for whatever reason, it didn’t work. He had his reasons. He probably got bent sideways a bit by us courting Kevin. I really don’t know, honestly."

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