By Marc Weinreich
July 10, 2012

The baseball cards for Cy Young, Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner were found in an Ohio attic along with approximately 700 other baseball cards now estimated to be worth a total of $3 million, according to The Associated Press via

The cards are from an extremely rare series issued around 1910. Up to now, the few known to exist were in so-so condition at best, with faded images and worn edges. But the ones from the attic in the town of Defiance are nearly pristine, untouched for more than a century. The colors are vibrant, the borders crisp and white.

"Every future find will ultimately be compared to this," said Joe Orlando, president of Professional Sports Authenticator.

The cards belong to the owner of a meat-market who died in the 1940s. The family of the man believes he received the cards from a candy company that packaged them with caramels.

According to the report, the 37 cards considered to be the cream-of-the-crop in the collection are expected to fetch approximately $500,000 at an August auction set to take place at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore.

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