By jonathanjones9
July 18, 2012
Jeremy Lin merchandise across New York is getting discounted after the point guard signed with Houston. (Mark Ralston/Getty Images)

Fathead will have to produce a new poster for Houston Rockets' point guard Jeremy Lin.

The wall poster of Lin in a Knicks uniform that once retailed for $99.99 has been discounted to $16.36.

And that number isn't arbitrary, either. Lin's alma mater, Harvard University, was founded in 1636.

Late Tuesday night, the Knicks did not match the Rockets' offer to Lin, allowing one of the most talked-about NBA players to find a new home in Houston.

Lin merchandise has been discounted across New York since it appeared the Knicks would not re-sign the point guard. Jersey t-shirts prices were slashed in half, and a book on Lin was marked at $4.99 after selling for $24.95 three months ago, according to the Yahoo report.

In an exclusive interview with's Pablo Torre, Lin said he "preferred New York" at the start of free agency.

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