By jonathanjones9
July 20, 2012

Derrick Rose tore his left ACL in the playoffs, but he told his fans not to worry about his recovery. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Derrick Rose uploaded a 45-second video to YouTube on Friday to update his rehab progress and thank fans for their support.

In the video below, the former NBA MVP says he's been going to therapy every day and tells fans not to worry about him.

"I know I'm gonna be all right. I know that I'm healthy. I know that I'm positive and I believe in God, so I should be back there on the court soon."

Rose didn't give any timetable for his return, but a typical ACL tear takes about eight months to fully rehabilitate. The Chicago Bulls guard tore his ACL with 1:10 remaining in the opening game of the first round of the playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Bulls drafted Kentucky's Marquis Teague in June to help with the point guard duties while Rose recovers during the first half of the upcoming season.

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