Jeff Van Gundy: Magic "got shafted" in Dwight Howard deal

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Jeff Van Gundy doesn't like the deal Orlando made in getting rid of Dwight Howard (David Dow, Getty Images)

Jeff Van Gundy

As the dust settles on the Dwight Howard-to-LA deal, it seems everyone in and around the NBA has an opinion on the trade and the many months of drama that preceded it.

ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy's opinion is more blunt than most, as expressed in Gordon Monson's column in today's Salt Lake Tribune.

"Depending on your vantage point, [Orlando] got totally shafted or semi-shafted," Van Gundy said. "I feel for Magic fans. They’ve had three stars in their time. Shaquille O’Neal left for free agency [to L.A.]. [Tracy] McGrady forced his way out to Houston. Now, Howard forces his way out to the Lakers.

"If I was an Orlando Magic fan, I’d be asking: Is this worth it? Do I want to be paying the huge, enormous, extravagant ticket prices to see a below-average product for … what, five years?"