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Agent: Sidney Crosby would consider Europe during NHL lockout

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Sidney Crosby's agent said his star client might play in Europe.  (Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)


Penguins teammate Evgeni Malkin was the first player to float the idea that Sidney Crosby might join the expected migration of top-flight NHL players to the KHL or European leagues in the event of a labor lockout. Crosby's agent isn't nixing the notion.

Malkin said he'll play for Metallurg and Crosby might eventually join the KHL.

"I think he won't go to the KHL right away. He will see how the situation develops. I see that the league and the PA have started to come closer. Perhaps the lockout won't continue for the entire year. That's why a lot of North American players won't go to Europe until the very last moment. A lot of them are a bit afraid of Russia. But the best hockey league in the world after the NHL is here.

"And if the lockout is announced for the entire season, then Crosby may come. He loves to play and won't be able to live an entire year without hockey."

Today, Dave Molinari of the Pittsburgh Post-Tribune tweets that agent Pat Brisson confirmed his client's potential interest.