Green Bay eye doctor offers free Lasik surgery to NFL replacement refs

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A Green Bay eye doctor is offering free Lasik surgery to the NFL replacement refs. (Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks

A lot has been said about the NFL's replacement refs this season. A few coaches in the league have been fined for their supposed verbal abuse towards them. Even President Barack Obama weighed in on their performance.

Now, a Green Bay eye doctor is offering free Lasik eye surgery to the replacement refs, only days after the Green Bay Packers lost in controversial fashion to the Seattle Seahawks.

According to WTVR in Appleton, WI, Dr. Christopher Smith, a local optometrist, has promised free Lasik eye surgery to any NFL replacement ref in order to prevent another confusing ending like the one that transpired on Sept. 24 when Seahawks receiver Golden Tate caught the game-winning touchdown with eight seconds remaining in the game. Smith said the one ref in particular who called the play a touchdown is nearsighted and needs to see beyond his own arm:

"The referees obviously they had some vision issues, so we decided that we could  help them with that," said Dr. Christopher Smith.

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