By Alexander Abnos
October 04, 2012

Tim Tebow Tim Tebow could have an advocate in the Jets' front office (Joel Auerbach, Getty Images)

The quarterback controversy in New York continues, and now some powerful voices are getting involved.

According to an ESPN report, Jets owner Woody Johnson has begun pushing for Tebow to start at quarterback for the Jets, after the team started with a disappoint 2-2 record and have seemed in disarray on and off the field.

Tebow has not been getting the amount of snaps he expected fomr the wildcat formation, according to the report, which also contains this passage:

[Woody] Johnson said the prospect of Tebow starting is "a question that will be asked more frequently if this progresses because this is unacceptable playing." His first reference to [Mark] Sanchez wasn't by name; he called him "this quarterback."

Oh, Johnson gave the obligatory "he can get the job done" line, but Johnson didn't sound nearly as confident in Sanchez as he did that sunny day in March, when the Grand Tebow Plan was only a blueprint, not reality.

Reality is here, folks, and what we have is yet another dimension to the Jets' multilayered quarterback controversy: the owner.

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