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Bud Selig: Replay expansion in 2013 to include fair and foul calls

MLB commissioner Bud Selig said MLB replay is on track to be expanded in 2013. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

MLB is planning to sue individuals connected to a South Florida clinic tied to performance-enhancing drugs. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

As controversial calls continue to engulf the MLB playoffs, commissioner Bud Selig told The Los Angeles Times that the league will expand instant replay next season to include calls determining whether a ball is fair or foul.

From the Times' Q&A:

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Q: You have said you want to expand instant replay to include reviews of fair or foul balls and trapped balls. Will that expanded replay be in place for next season?

Selig: "I think we'll have it for sure. They're working on cameras in all the ballparks. We need the right cameras. Should we have them by next year? We'd better."

It comes a little more than a week after the St. Louis Cardinals were aided by a controversial infield-fly rule call in their one-game wild-card playoff win over the Atlanta Braves. And it comes after Yankees manager Joe Girardi was ejected on Sunday for arguing a missed call by second-base umpire Jeff Nelson that led to two Detroit Tigers runs in their 3-0 win.

The Times asked Selig, in light of the call in the Cardinals-Braves game, if he would consider reducing the postseason umpiring crew. In the postseason, crews are expanded from four to six, with two additional umpires on the foul lines in left and right field. He said to not expect any change on that.