By Marc Weinreich
October 17, 2012

Golden State Warriors guard Jarrett Jack is among one of the first players in the NBA to receive a warning for flopping, according to his tweet on Tuesday indicating that he had been notified by the league about his alleged acting job.

The NBA announced this offseason that it will have a new "anti-flopping" policy in which players will be punished for "trickery" and "deceit" from those who try to draw a foul by overreacting to contact with an opposing player. Jack's notification from the league is simply a warning. He does not face a possible fine or suspension. Though it's unclear which play the league is referencing with regards to Jack's flop, it's likely to have occurred during the Warriors' game on Oct. 15 against the Denver Nuggets, a day before he tweeted news of the warning. The Warriors also played the Los Angeles Lakers and the Utah Jazz earlier in October as part of their preseason schedule.

After the first alleged flop, a player can expect to face a fine of $5,000 for the second incident and then for each incident that follows, a heftier fine will follow. A player will be fined up to $30,000 for the fifth flop after the warning.

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