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Towel company says San Diego Chargers, other teams use product

The company that supplies towels with a sticky substance to the San Diego Chargers is defending the team saying that a majority of NFL teams have used their products over the years, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

NFL line judge Jeff Bergman noticed suspicious towels during the Chargers' game against the Denver Broncos on Oct. 15. Material was taken and sent both to the NFL office and the Broncos League officials then visited the Chargers soon after.

"We would believe that every team," Patrick Dugan, president of Gorilla Gold said, "at one point over the last 10 years since we introduced this product, that every team at one point has probably had this or does have this. ... I can say that I'm aware of several elite quarterbacks that over the past decade have been very dedicated to the use of this product."

It has not been determined if Gorilla Gold towels were used in the incident.

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The NFL banned Stickum in 1981 and teams caught using it could be fined or have a draft pick taken away.

"It does seem blown out of proportion," Dugan said. "We don't understand the attitude about it considering tackified palms and gloves have been around for years and years. Obviously, there are players that don't want to wear gloves or can't wear gloves and can use that same type of feel."