By Alexander Abnos
November 09, 2012

Emmanuel Sanders Emmanuel Sanders was fined for faking injury in a game against the Bengals this season. (Joe Robbins, Getty Images)

The Pittsburgh Steelers and their wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders were fined a combined $50,000 for Sanders' actions in his team's 24-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals in week seven, according to CBS Sports. Sanders will pay $15,000 of the fine, while the Steelers will pay the remaining $35,000 to the league.

The Steelers were in the midst of an an offensive drive in the fourth quarter of that game when Sanders fell to the ground, claiming he was suffering from cramps. However, the fact that Sanders seemed to be fully healthy on the previous play and the suddenness of his reaction aroused suspicion. By faking an injury, Sanders could stop the game clock without costing the Steelers a timeout.

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