By Marc Weinreich
November 15, 2012

The Washington Redskins are hoping to move their training camp from Ashburn, Va. to Richmond but local residents of the state capital have voiced their opposition to the proposed relocation at Town Council meetings, often citing bizarre and unfounded claims directed towards NFL Players, according to a report Wednesday from The Washington Post:

The proposed deal, which concerns state property, will allow Bon Secours, a non-profit organization with ties to the Catholic Church, to build a $6.4 million sports medicine facility over the next 10 years that the Redskins would use during their summer training camp.

One resident of Richmond called the Catholic Church a "co-conspirator" in the project for not having to pay taxes on a joint real estate lease that reportedly costs $5,000 per year, the resident claimed.

Another resident, Charles Evans Hughes, Sr. said the Redskins shouldn't relocate any of their facilities to Richmond, much less to an area in the same vicinity as a children's museum, because he said the league is full of criminals:

“Professional football has murderers, rapists, wife and girlfriend beaters, drunkards, drug takers, child molesters, etc. And you want to put this project next to a children’s science museum.”

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