By Marc Weinreich
November 21, 2012

UPDATE: Evans will reportedly be fined by the league for his flop against the Lakers, per a tweet Wednesday evening from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

It doesn't bode well for the Brooklyn Nets' Reggie Evans considering he was featured in a video distributed to teams by the league before the season began showing what flops look like.

After the NBA implemented the no-flopping policy, whereby players receive a warning from the league and then subsequent incremental fines for repeating acting jobs, Evans became one of the first players to receive the official warning after a game against the Boston Celtics. Less than two weeks later, after a game on Tuesday night in which the Nets lost on the road to the Los Angeles Lakers, it appears Evans may be the first player in the league to be fined for his repeated violation of the policy.

The league will review the play as seen below and determine if Evans flopped. If guilty, per NBA policy, Evans will be fined $5,000 because it would be his second violation. A third offense results in a $10,000 fine, and then $15,000 for a fourth violation and $30,000 for a fifth occurrence. Six or more offenses could lead to a suspension.

Metta World Peace was called for a foul on the play and, of course, took to Twitter to weigh in on the situation:

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