By Tim Polzer
November 01, 2013

David Beckham supports his sons, (L-R) Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, following in his footsteps. (Robyn Beck/Getty Images) David Beckham supports sons, (L-R) Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, playing soccer. (Robyn Beck/Getty Images)

One of David Beckham's sons could soon follow in his father's footsteps at age 14. Metro reports Manchester United, dad's old club, is close to signing Brooklyn Beckham.

Brooklyn, who recently trained with Chelsea and QPR, has been undergoing a trial with United in advance of signing a contract with the Premier League club next year.

Brooklyn has already experienced playing in his father's legendary shadow with the LA Galaxy academy club.

Metro reports United's coaching staff has been impressed with young Beckham's talents.

On Wednesday, David Beckham said that he could see Brooklyn someday playing for the Miami MLS expansion team he hopes to land soon.

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Beckham said he'll support his three sons -- Brooklyn, 11-year-old Romeo and 8-year-old Cruz -- playing soccer but he's concerned that the constant spotlight might challenged their development.

''As long as the boys are happy, as long as they enjoy playing football and they have fun doing it then, whether they play at professional level or whether they play at Sunday league level, I don't care,'' Beckham said. ''Obviously, any time the boys go and train at a club, there's a certain amount of pressure on them because it's highlighted and that's a shame at times,'' Beckham said. ''But they are level-headed children, they are fun, they love playing the game. So we will see.''

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