By Tim Polzer
January 15, 2014

J.R. Smith said Saturday that there is still swelling in his left knee. (Ron Hoskins/Getty Images) J.R. Smith's bizarre behavior has drawn the wrath of the NBA and the Knicks . (Ron Hoskins/Getty Images)

A confrontation between Knicks coach Mike Woodson and J.R. Smith over the guard's tardiness and playing time may have led to Smith's benching Tuesday night against the Bobcats, according to Ian Begley of

Smith reportedly was late to a team meeting Tuesday, a day after he and Woodson had what was described as "a brief, heated discussion" over Smith's expressing his frustration with the coach during the Knicks' 98-96 overtime win over the Suns on Monday.


Sources say Smith expressed his frustration with Woodson during the game and the two had a brief, heated discussion over Smith's displeasure shortly after the game. Smith's tardiness Tuesday and frustration with playing just 45 seconds in overtime likely led to Woodson benching Smith on Tuesday against Charlotte.

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Woodson hinted in an radio interview on Wednesday that Smith has acted irresponsibly. He previously benched Smith during the Knicks' 102-92 win over the Heat less than a week after the NBA fined him $50,000 for untying the Mavericks' Shawn Marion's shoelaces at the free throw line.

"I think it is a privilege to wear a uniform in this league," Woodson told Smith and Ruocco. "There's only 30 teams. There's [only] so many players on each team. I think every player has a responsibility and has to be held accountable for what they do on a ballclub."

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