By Brendan Maloy
February 21, 2014

Bret Bielmahas yet to win an SEC game at Arkansas. (Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) Bret Bielema has yet to win an SEC game at Arkansas. (Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

University of California athletic director Sandy Barbour has spoken out regarding Arkansas coach Bret Bielema's use of Cal player Ted Agu's death as rationale for the proposed pace-of-play slowdown, calling his comments "inappropriate" and "misinformed."

Bielema was speaking to a Razorback booster group earlier in the week when he was asked why he supported adopting the new rule preventing quick snap offenses. In an interview with's Andy Staples published earlier Friday, Bielema sought to clarify his reasoning. The coach pointed to the death of Agu during a conditioning workout earlier this month, in effect arguing he wanted the new rule for player-safety reasons, not for a schematic advantage. ( reported at the time that Agu, 21, had sickle cell trait. Bielema has also referred to players with sickle cell trait as the target for this rule. It has not been confirmed that Agu had this condition).

Barbour tweeted out her response to Bielema's comments Friday, following a memorial service for Agu, saying that Bielema did not have the facts and questioning his motives.

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Bielema has apologized for the comments saying they were intended to advance player safety and any pain they may have caused was unintended.

The former Wisconsin coach went 3-9 overall with zero wins in the SEC in 2013, his first season as the Arkansas coach.

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