May 27, 2008

According to Il Romanista, AS Roma will remain in the hands of the Sensi family after American businessman George Soros dropped all plans to take over the club.

The Italian media has been permeated by reports over the past few months that Roma was set to be taken over due to the fact that the club's parent company, Italpetroli, possess debts in the region of $580 million.

The main groups linked with a takeover have all been led by American businessmen. Most recently it seemed that 78-year-old billionaire political activist George Soros was closing in on capturing the club.

Indeed, the Gazzetta Dello Sport claimed Monday that the Sensis were ready to sell the club immediately and that a deal may be concluded by Monday evening, with Soros said to be offering $444 million including $344 million for the family's 66 percent stake in the club.

However, Il Romanista said on Tuesday that Soros has pulled the plug on all plans to buy Roma, and notified the club Monday evening.

Reportedly the decision not to buy Roma was Soros', who twice had the chance to put the finishing touches to the deal, first last Friday, and again Monday.

This news, if confirmed, will delight may traditionalists who hope that Serie A doesn't sell its soul to foreign investors. However others believe that the money Soros could have brought in would have improved the level not only of Roma, but the whole of Serie A itself.

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