June 09, 2009

Nestor de la Torre, president of the commission for Mexico's national teams, has asked the press not to encourage Tricolor fans to boycott Mexico's upcoming World Cup qualifying match against Trinidad and Tobago.

"We are in the same boat to go together to the World Cup and to be encouraging situations that divide I do not think it is good for anybody," de la Torre told reporters during the Mexican national team's press conference, "not for you, not for directors, not for the players and much less for the place that Mexican football deserves to be in, or for the Federation, or to generate any good for all of us that share the same football space in the world."

De la Torre also clarified that the Mexican national team is open to constructive criticism from the news outlets for their poor form.

"We are aware that this Saturday we did not have a good result [against El Salvador], the team's function was not what we expect or what we pretend, that individually and as a group there needs to be improvement, that the coaching staff is aware of all those mistakes," admitted de la Torre, "but at the same time I ask not to divide the group. To hear the press encourage the fans not to go to the stadium, I do not believe that is the proper thing to do."

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