Chelsea defender Carvalho open to all offers

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Ricardo Carvalho has been afforded little to celebrate this summer, as he reflects back on Chelsea's FA Cup winning season in which he played little part due to injury.

The 31-year-old only managed a total of 13 appearances for the Blues all term through recurring injury problems. Now, however, with the center back recharging over the off-period, he is now welcoming bids from rival leagues.

"A change could be good for me, but any interested club has to reach an agreement with Chelsea and then we will talk," Carvalho told the Portuguese press. "I think that, given my attributes, the Premier League would be harder for me to adapt. It is tougher football, so I think I would have no problems in Italy or Spain."

Certain that he could adjust to the style of Serie A, the defender has already been linked with a move to Inter, and has confessed that a reunion with Jose Mourinho would be most welcome.

And, in spite of hopes that his Premier League experience will make him a hot prospect, the Portugal international has admitted that he is not yet getting carried away.