Deportivo looks to deal Bravo to Cruz Azul, Atlante

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Omar Bravo's return to Mexico is imminent; the only question remains where exactly he will land.

Deportivo La Coruña official Lucho Malvarez told reporters on Tuesday that Bravo would be playing in Mexico and the teams that are the frontrunners are Atlante and Cruz Azul.

Malvarez, along with two other Deportivo associates, were present at Cruz Azul's traning facilily, La Noria, to negotiate a preseason training tour for the Spanish club in Mexico City between July 20 and Aug. 5, reported Mural.

"I hope that we are able to get in four or five games here in Mexico," said Malvarez. "We really want an agreement with Bravo while we are here."

When Malvarez was asked if Bravo was an option for Cruz Azul, he said, "I hope Cruz Azul gets Bravo; I think he is a great forward, and would be a vital piece for Cruz Azul."

Cruz Azul does have the financial power to snag the forward away, but Atlante is also in the mix. Los Potros de Hierro will be trying to reinforce their team as much as they can for the upcoming Club World Cup. But Bravo has also said that he would not just play for any team.

Bravo may prefer to stay in Europe, but Malvarez said that as long as Miguel Angel Lotina is manager of Deportivo, Bravo's services would not be needed.

"Deportivo is making every effort so that Bravo can play here," he said. "You all know what coaches are like, sometimes they want a player and sometimes they don't. In this case Lotina does not count on Bravo.

"If there were to be a coaching change, then Bravo would come back. At the moment that is not the case and that is why our president is personally taking care of this. We are doing everything possible to close the deal in the next few days and Bravo will be playing in Mexico."