May 22, 2013
Only Nelly the elephant in Hodenhagen picked Bayern Munich to win.
Holger Hollemann/EPA

Not literally, but the animals have spoken: Borussia Dortmund will beat Bayern Munich in the first all-German Champions League final.

Walter the orangutan at Dortmund zoo, a tapir in Leipzig zoo and a pair of otters in Aue favor Dortmund to beat Bayern at Wembley Stadium on Saturday. Only Nelly the elephant in Hodenhagen demurred.

Walter initially appeared to favor Bayern but discarded the red jersey in favor of Dortmund's shirt he found in the second bag.

Dpa news agency says Baru the tapir found a German turnip decorated in Dortmund's colors to be more appetizing than the Bayern option, while the otters ran to a "Dortmund corner'' of their enclosure to eat.

Nelly was the only animal to agree with Bayern's status as bookmakers' favorite, scoring in Dortmund's goal.

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