By Grant Wahl
August 23, 2013
José Mourinho was with Chelsea from 2004-07 before returning to the club in June.

Wahl: Do you have any interest still in acquiring Wayne Rooney?

Mourinho: Yes. But now I am at the club where I want to be. I am in the club where I don't have a next ambition. I always had the next ambition. At this moment I don't have that. The next ambition is to stay here the most time I can as a consequence of my good work. That's what I want. But I love so much this sport that I feel we should do something to try and make it bigger and bigger worldwide. This is an incredible country in terms of sport. Naturally, people love sport. And soccer is behind some sports, and the only way we can bring it is to bring good coaches, good players, good clubs to compete and try to create some enthusiasm and passion, especially in the kids.

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