Former Clemson women's soccer player files hazing lawsuit

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A former Clemson women's soccer player has filed a lawsuit charging that she suffered a severe head injury while being hazed.

The lawsuit names the following people as defendants: coach Eddie Radwanski, former athletic director Terry Don Phillips, two assistant coaches, 14 members of the team and other school officials.

Haley Ellen Hunt alleges that she was ordered to perform rituals that are "humiliating and demeaning", and that the head injury occurred when she ran into a brick wall. Here are more details surrounding the head injury, which allegedly occurred on the night of Aug. 18, 2011​. uploaded a copy of the lawsuit.

“The momentum of Ms. Hunt’s collision with the brick wall threw her body backwards, causing her to smash into a nearby table and fall to the ground. The players heard Ms. Hunt scream and observed her clench her bloody face. One player described the sound of Ms. Hunt hitting the brick wall as ‘metal hitting metal.’ The impact with the brick wall caused Ms. Hunt to sustain serious injuries to her brain, head, face and hands. Ms. Hunt was knocked unconscious and had to be physically assisted by the other players.”

The suit says an assistant then arrived at the scene and told players not to report the incident.