Serbian police recover drone which sparked brawl in Euro 2016 qualifier

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Serbian police have recovered the drone which sparked a brawl at the Euro 2016 qualifier between Serbia and Albania earlier this week. The drone carried a banner with an Albanian nationalist message, igniting fights between players and among fans. 

The police will attempt to trace the drone back to the person who purchased and determine who may have flown it, according to The Associated Press

The brawl erupted shortly before the end of the first half, and the match was abandoned. Players fought among themselves and also against fans who invaded the pitch. Fans threw objects at the players as they exited the field. 

At the heart of the dispute between the two Balkan nations is the territory of Kosovo, a Serbian province inhabited primarily by ethnic Albanians which declared independence in 2008. Serbia has refused to recognize Kosovo's independence. 

The Albanian FA released a statement Thursday refuting claims made by Serbia that Albanians were at fault for the incident. 

- Dan Gartland