Kaká not concerned about Orlando City's front office overhaul

The Orlando City captain believes the Lions have what it takes to make the playoffs after missing out in their inaugural season.
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There have been plenty of changes in the front office at Orlando City in recent months, but former FIFA World Player of the Year Kaká thinks his team has what it takes to make the playoffs in 2016.

“A lot of changes in the offseason, but everybody needs to understand that we need to create a strong group,” Kaká said on Tuesday. “When you have a strong group, the possibility to win is much better. It depends on the front office and directors and obviously the coach and the players. We have to do our best too.”

Kaká, who had nine goals, seven assists and won MLS All-Star Game MVP honors in his inaugural campaign, came to MLS with an open mind, and he said he used it plenty in 2015. 

“The biggest challenge was understanding how to play away and at home. In this league, soccer is not an exact science. If Real Madrid plays the last team in the league, Real Madrid is going to win for sure, 99%. Here if the first team plays with the last team it’s 50-50. So you need to understand how the league works. This was the big challenge for me the first season. How is it to play against Galaxy? Against Red Bulls in New York? You need to understand this.”