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Watch: Neymar and Justin Bieber play soccer in pop star’s backyard

Neymar and Justin Beiber recently played soccer together in the pop star’s backyard.

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Plenty of people in their early 20s mess around with a soccer ball at a backyard barbeque. It’s commonplace, in fact, for a pair of young friends to do so.

So when Brazilian forward Neymar and pop star Justin Bieber got together recently in the latter’s backyard to play a bit of keepy-uppies, it was just a couple of pals doing what pals do best at such an event: ball out together.

And the incredibly famous duo did just that, with the 22-year-old Bieber more than holding his own alongside the 24-year-old Brazilian star.

Watch video of the encounter below.

Looks like it may be too late to say sorry for missing your calling as a soccer player, Mr. Bieber.