By 90Min
July 19, 2017

Hotel prices in Cardiff have sparked questions regarding the city's suitability as the venue of the Champions League final in June.

According to ​the Independent, many hotels of the city's central hotels have now sold out and rooms are now being resold for more than £1,000. Fans are being forced to travel from as far as Swansea and Bristol, while there has also been encouragement for some supporters to make their way from London (a distance of over 130 miles) on the day of the match.

The paper claims sources within UEFA have expressed "some concern" regarding the limited availability of rooms, especially after being given assurances during the bidding process that rooms would be available for around €150-200.

There will now be a "review" of the situation once the final has taken place, with Cardiff being the second smallest city to stage a Champions League final in the modern era after Gelsenkirchen in 2004.

The pricing of rooms could mean that UEFA decide to only give Champions League finals to cities of a certain size, although the governing body are trying to spread the match throughout Europe and not just the wealthiest countries.

However, the Champions League final has essentially become a 'global mega-event' and the level of interest, from both fans and media, means it takes a city of a certain area to accommodate supporters who travel to the venue.

UEFA previously told the Independent: ​“We are confident, that the stadium’s city centre location, coupled with Cardiff’s famous match day sporting atmosphere will deliver a unique and memorable supporter experience for all those planning to attend the UEFA Champions League final 2017.”

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