Former Man Utd Defender Gary Neville Takes Dig at Rivals City Over Youngster Phil Foden

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​Sky Sports pundit and former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has taken a sly dig at the opportunities given to youth at his old club's rivals Manchester City, claiming that youngsters are better off at United. 

The argument comes from a video posted on Twitter by @Tillmxn, whose upload shows the individual performance of City youth product Phil Foden against United in their pre-season friendly.

The 16-year-old stunned audiences all around with his play, prompting a comment from the Telegraph's James Ducker, claiming that Foden needs a 'sustained opportunity'.

​​Enter Gary Neville.

The man has never been one to shy away from airing his thoughts, and given the opportunity to have a dig at his fierce rivals, there was no chance Neville was biting his tongue. 

​​Perhaps in a bid to catch the attention of Foden for a controversial move across the city, Neville claims that the youngsters at Man City won't receive the 'sustained opportunity' they all deserve, and goes as far as hinting that they would be better of at United.

Either way, it's obvious that the kid has talent. Not convinced? The way that manager Pep Guardiola talks about Foden is proof in itself of the 16-year-old's ability:

"I don’t have words - I would like to have the right words to describe what I saw," He told the Telegraph.

"You are the lucky guys who saw the first game, for the first team for Manchester City, of this guy.

"It’s a long time since I saw something like this. His performance was another level. He’s 17 years old, he’s a City player, he grew up in the academy, he loves the club, he’s a City fan and for us he’s a gift."

Huge praise from the man credited with making Lionel Messi the player he is today.