VIDEO: FIFA 18 Set to Introduce New Trick That Will Infuriate Multiplayer Opponents

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It's not that long until FIFA's diehard fans can get their hands on the latest iteration of EA Sports' critically acclaimed franchise.

FIFA 18 is set to land on shelves and in online stores in two months' time, and like the vast majority of you, we can't wait to see what's new, what's improved and batter our mates in matches in multiplayer.

Videos and information about FIFA 18 are beginning to emerge on sites across the globe as anticipation builds for its release and, judging by footage on FIFA fan MattHDGamer's Youtube channel, the game will include what is likely to be one of the most frustrating - or rewarding! - tricks in a long time:

The 'bridge' skill will allow players the chance to flick the ball around an opposing player in one direction, while the controller footballer will jink their way around the opposite way.

For example, if cover star Cristiano Ronaldo employs the trick, he could flick the ball to his left and burst past his opponent to the right before picking the ball back up under control.

A nice, simple skill we think you'll agree, but we can already see it causing plenty of ire in multiplayer with some gamers consistently digging it out to the fury of their opponents. Let the fun begin!