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Changes in Premier League Rules Causes Outrage Amongst Football Fans

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The latest set of Premier League rules has angered fans, patterned pitches will no longer be seen in the English first league.

Last season saw a rise in groundsmen unleashing their inner artist, the King Power and St Mary's received the most acclaim. With the Foxes not living up to the success of their previous season, most joy came from guessing what pattern would be on the field each week.  

Pitches will now have to follow the boring horizontal lines of European football. The news was published on the official Premier League website which said: "Pitch patterns and designs will no longer be allowed in the Premier League in 2017/18.

"Rules state that the playing surface must contain no markings other than the traditional horizontal and white lines.

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"This amendment brings the Premier League Rules into line with UEFA's regulations for its competitions and follows consultation with the Premier League Club groundsmen."

Fans who were looking forward to seeing what the pattern would be for the first Premier League game will now have to get excitement from something else, cheering on their team might win them round.

So what's next for the Premier League? Only allowing teams to wear black and white? Removing fans from a stadium for cheering on their team? Ridiculous!