By 90Min
August 03, 2017

It's hard to believe that it's been over 70 years since the end of the second World War, but the horrific, barbaric nature of the global conflict is still as raw for some today as it was back then.

One city which will never forget the atrocities during the 1940s is Warsaw, which played host to the now infamous 1944 uprising by the Polish population that eventually forced out their German occupiers.

Ahead of their Champions League qualifying match against Astana on Wednesday, Legia Warsaw fans marked the 73rd anniversary of the beginning of their city's fightback with a minute's silence and a huge banner in one of their home ends:


The banner, which depicts a small child being held at gunpoint by a Nazi solider, was displayed alongside the words: "During the Warsaw Uprising Germans killed 160,000 people. Thousands of them were children."

The only issue with this, from Legia's perspective, is that they're likely to be sanctioned by UEFA for their provocative banner.

The Polish club were fined £63,000 back in 2014 for unveiling a banner that read: "Because football doesn't matter, money does" alongside a giant pig standing in front of UEFA's logo.

Whatever the fallout is from this, Legia won't care. They've marked a significant occasion in their country's history, and that is all that will matter to them.

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