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August 10, 2017

It's here! It's here! The Premier League is finally here!

It really is football fan Christmas, and everyone at 90min has got...a little excited. So, we've got a handful of writers together and everyone's thrown together a completed Premier League table for the coming season.

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Keep scrolling down for all the views - keep reading for a nice big collected table of the average predictions at the end!

Position Chris Deeley Scott Saunders Andrew Headspeath
1 Manchester City Manchester United Manchester United
2 Manchester United Manchester City Manchester City
3 Arsenal Liverpool Liverpool
4 Tottenham Chelsea Chelsea
5 Chelsea Tottenham Tottenham
6 Liverpool Arsenal Arsenal
7 Everton Everton Everton
8 Bournemouth Leicester Leicester
9 West Ham West Ham Bournemouth
10 Leicester Southampton Crystal Palace
11 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace Southampton
12 Southampton Bournemouth West Ham
13 Newcastle West Brom Newcastle
14 West Brom Swansea Watford
15 Huddersfield Newcastle West Brom
16 Swansea Stoke Swansea
17 Burnley Watford Stoke
18 Stoke Burnley Huddersfield
19 Watford Huddersfield Burnley
20 Brighton Brighton Brighton

What They Said

Chris: Full disclosure - I wouldn't be stunned if any of the top six won it this season. At time of writing, Chelsea's squad looks too thin to deal with all of their competitions and I worry about Spurs at Wembley, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ City probably look the least flawed team. Just about. Barely.

At the other end, David Wagner's Huddersfield project looks smart enough to give them a puncher's chance of staying out of trouble, but I don't have the same faith in Brighton. Marco Silva might ride a second discordant squad in two years down to the Championship, while Stoke...well, it's process of elimination as much as anything. Anyone from 11th downwards could go down. Who bloody knows?

**EDIT: Burnley have sold Andre Gray to Watford, so it's all blown to hell. Maybe swap their places. 

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Scott: Scott Saunders is currently skiving in Macedonia with the FanVoice crew and will enter his thoughts upon return.

Andy: This year the top of the table is anyone's guess, as is the bottom...and the middle bit actually. Fortunately everyone can agree that Everton will almost certainly finish seventh. 

Personally I fancy West Ham to underwhelm with their frankly overrated and over the hill signings, while I can't quite find a reason to have Huddersfield stay up other than David Wagner is quite cool. Stoke could well be doomed after a decade in the top flight.

Position Jamie Spencer Jude Summerfield Kavan Flavius
1 Manchester United Manchester City Manchester City
2 Manchester City Tottenham Manchester United
3 Arsenal Chelsea Tottenham
4 Tottenham Liverpool Chelsea
5 Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal
6 Liverpool Arsenal Liverpool
7 Everton Everton West Ham
8 Leicester Leicester Everton
9 West Ham West Ham Leicester
10 Swansea West Brom West Brom
11 Bournemouth Newcastle Southampton
12 Southampton Crystal Palace Stoke
13 Newcastle Southampton Bournemouth
14 West Brom Bournemouth Watford
15 Stoke Brighton Crystal Palace
16 Crystal Palace Swansea Newcastle
17 Huddersfield Stoke Swansea
18 Watford Watford Burnley
19 Brighton Burnley Huddersfield
20 Burnley Huddersfield Brighton

What They Said

Jamie: There is no standout title contender this season. The 'big six' all have obvious qualities and strengths yet are all equally trying to manage noticeable weaknesses. It will come down to whoever can best mask their problems, but I definitely picture Chelsea struggling.

Leicester will half bounce back and I think Swansea will have a much better season. Bad news for Burnley and Watford.

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Jude: A lot of people are fancying Manchester United for the title but I think their rivals City are actually more likely, especially if they can bring in a centre-back before the close of the transfer window.

Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool fill up the rest of my top four and I'm also backing new boys Newcastle and Brighton to stay up.

Kavan: Tottenham aren't ready to win the league just yet, but they looked poised to make almost as strong a finish as they did last season. I'd have hoped to have Chelsea in first place, yet given the way they've handled transfers this summer I just can't see them being as effective - especially now that they're back in the Champions League.


City, on the other hand, have made remarkable strides in that regard, and their defence is much better for it. Anything short of a title win should be considered a resounding failure. United look to be stronger too, but they can't be expected to finish above their local rivals.

Position Tom Power Joanna Durkan Tom Proctor
1 Manchester United Manchester City Manchester City
2 Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea
3 Tottenham Chelsea Manchester United
4 Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal
5 Liverpool Arsenal Liverpool
6 Arsenal Tottenham Tottenham
7 Everton Everton West Ham
8 West Brom Southampton Everton
9 West Ham Leicester Leicester
10 Newcastle West Ham Bournemouth
11 Watford West Brom Southampton
12 Bournemouth Bournemouth Newcastle
13 Stoke Stoke Swansea
14 Burnley Crystal Palace West Brom
15 Leicester Newcastle Crystal Palace
16 Southampton Burnley Stoke
17 Crystal Palace Watford Huddersfield
18 Swansea Brighton Watford
19 Huddersfield Swansea Burnley
20 Brighton Huddersfield Brighton

What They Said

Tom Power: Expect United, City and Tottenham to be the three to battle it out for the crown, with Jose Mourinho's men pipping the others to yet another title triumph. Europe will make things harder for Chelsea and Liverpool, while Arsenal could well struggle to feast at UEFA's top table again. Everton's vast summer spending could make them dark horses for a top four spot.

At the bottom, newly promoted Brighton and Huddersfield will struggle, with Crystal Palace and Swansea in the battle, while Southampton could be a surprise relegation battler if they don't make some useful signings before the window closes.

Jordan Mansfield/GettyImages

Joanna: Although both Manchester clubs spent heavily this summer, I’m hard pressed to look beyond Manchester City as favourites for the title after a host of impressive signings to strengthen their defence - but look for Liverpool and Chelsea to give them a serious run for their money.

I also see Arsenal and Tottenham struggling with the Europa League and move to Wembley respectively, whilst at the bottom of the table a handful of clubs will be cut adrift from the rest - with Huddersfield, Swansea and Brighton paying the ultimate price come the end of the season.

Tom Proctor: With the settling in process out the way, Pep Guardiola will be determined for domestic success. He has rejuvenated his back line this summer with some great signings and if Vincent Kompany can stay fit for at least two-thirds of the season, Manchester City stand a brilliant chance of winning a third league title.

Ian Walton/GettyImages

At the bottom, Brighton are my pick to go straight back down, with Burnley also to be relegated having lost a key defender in Michael Keane. David Wagner is a great coach and could well mastermind a successful survival bid for newly-promoted Huddersfield, which could spell trouble for Watford and Marco Silva.

Position Callum Rice-Coates Ben Davies Ben Carter
1 Manchester City Manchester United Manchester United
2 Manchester United Manchester City Chelsea
3 Chelsea Arsenal Arsenal
4 Tottenham Chelsea Manchester City
5 Arsenal Liverpool Tottenham
6 Liverpool Tottenham Liverpool
7 Everton Everton Everton
8 Southampton West Ham Southampton
9 West Ham Bournemouth West Ham
10 Leicester Swansea Stoke
11 Newcastle Leicester Leicester
12 Bournemouth Southampton Crystal Palace
13 Crystal Palace Watford West Brom
14 Stoke West Brom Watford
15 West Brom Crystal Palace Bournemouth
16 Swansea Newcastle Newcastle
17 Brighton Stoke Swansea
18 Watford Burnley Burnley
19 Burnley Brighton Brighton
20 Huddersfield Huddersfield Huddersfield

What They Said

Callum: Pep Guardiola's Manchester City, having strengthened significantly in key areas - namely full-back - now look imposing both defensively and offensively. Manchester United should challenge with an upgraded spine, while things at Chelsea haven't been ideal over the summer. Spurs and Arsenal may struggle to keep up, but it could be close at the summit.

At the bottom, Huddersfield could well find things difficult in the top flight, while Watford and Burnley may also struggle.

Nathan Stirk/GettyImages

Ben Davies: The league is a definite toss up between the two Manchester clubs. United have bought smart, and City have, well, bought everyone. Chelsea's lack of depth will see them suffer, and Arsene Wenger has a point to prove. Tottenham's lack of summer activity will come to haunt them and Wembley - as well as European football - won't help.

At the other end, this gets predicted every year but two of the three promoted sides will surely go down. Huddersfield have over bought (circa QPR 2012), Brighton haven't bought enough quality, and I fear that Burnley will be sussed out at home.

Ben Carter: Manchester United and Arsenal have a point to prove after missing out on the top four last season and with the signings they've made, they'll be back in the Champions League places no doubt. 

Chelsea will go close again but Diego Costa's absence is a huge loss. City, Spurs and Liverpool will fight it out for fourth, possibly even Everton depending on how the new boys settle in.

Position Club
1 Manchester City
2 Manchester United
3 Chelsea
4 Tottenham
5 Arsenal
6 Liverpool
7 Everton
8 West Ham
9 Leicester
10 Southampton
11 Bournemouth
12 West Brom
13 Crystal Palace
14 Newcastle
15 Stoke
16 Swansea
17 Watford
18 Huddersfield
19 Burnley
20 Brighton

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