Triple H is seriously pumped for West Ham's season opener against Manchester United.

By 90Min
August 11, 2017

WWE legend Triple H has again pledged his allegiance to West Ham United after giving a quick little insight of what's to arrive in the coming weeks on Sky Sports.

Picture a typical West Ham fan. We're not talking Billy Mitchell from Eastenders here, we mean your proper 'ard as nails, Green Street sort of Hammers thug; marching through east London with a pie in one hand and a brick in the other.

Now pack him full of HGH, shave his head and give him a rough American accent with knee and elbow pads to boot - not to forget the black pair of pants and the customary sledgehammer - and you have Triple H.

The 14-time World Champion may have let slip his deeply ingrained love for the Hammers in a promotional video sent out to advertise what will soon be shown on Sky Sports over the next couple of weekends.

Stood in front of a West Ham shirt reading 'Triple H 14' (maybe a Pedro Obiang fan?), the human vending machine begins his build up:

"I'm not gonna lie, this a big week," Triple H begins. "It's game time. This Sunday West Ham kick off the season at Manchester United live on Sky Sports in the UK.

"It doesn't get tougher than that but every Hammers fan knows victory is sweeter when it's hard earned."

Triple H continues to discuss what else will be going on in due time before shouting 'ARE YOU READY?!' at the top of his lungs, staring intently into the camera whilst making the crossed-arm Irons salute. Subtle, Triple H, real subtle. 

Perhaps we may now know the real reason behind the 'H' in his name. Forget Hunter Hearst Helmsley, it's Hammer Hammer Hammers. Right?

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