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August 12, 2017

Arsenal boast the Premier League's biggest replica shirt size available for fans, The Sun have reported. Gunners supporters, along with fans of Leicester and Stoke, can purchase jerseys up to a 6XL.

The maximum shirt size of London rivals Chelsea, XXL, is dwarfed by the biggest Arsenal top, which fans can buy for £55.

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Sheffield Wednesday’s Tango Man Paul Gregory said: “A size 6XL wouldn’t be a tent on me, it would be a marquee.

“I’m only a 2XL, though I haven’t worn a shirt for 26 years. I say if you’ve got it flaunt it — who needs a top anyway.”

Ed Shirbon, a statistician for BT Sport, added: “It’s a ­statistic I welcome. These extra sizes might spare us the horror of straining nylon around middle-aged girths this ­season.”

Clive Mason/GettyImages

Arsenal have claimed that their 6XL shirts are the equivalent of a 3XL or 4XL in other UK retailers.

A club spokesman said: “We look to provide a variety of sizes to ensure all supporters are catered for.”

Following closely behind Arsenal, Leicester and Stoke are Burnley and Southampton, who offer supporters a maximum size of 5XL.

There are a number of clubs that sell tops at 4XL and 3XL, while Chelsea are the only team that stop their range at 2XL.

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