By 90Min
August 14, 2017

Southampton owner Katharina Liebherr has released a statement on the club's website, announcing that the club is to undergo a new partnership with the Gao family.

April saw the Premier League block a £200m takeover of Southampton from Jisheng Gao due to bribery allegations, but it seems that the club have now opted for a partnership agreement, with the Saints' owner writing an open letter to fans:

"I am pleased to confirm that talks to bring in a new partner to our club have been concluded." Liebherr's statement reads on Southampton's official website.

"Following extensive and fruitful work, we are entering into a partnership with the Gao family and I am excited about what we will achieve together. 

"Today is the start of a new and exciting chapter for our club. Mr Jisheng Gao and his daughter, Mrs Nelly Gao, with whom I have built a close relationship, share our values and ambitions. As a team, we will strive to build upon the strong foundation that is in place towards sustainable long-term success."

The partnership is likely to stir up some controversy given the failed attempt in April, but Mr Jisheing Gao seems very optimistic in the future.

"I am honoured and humbled to become a partner of Southampton Football Club alongside Katharina Liebherr, who, together with her father, has been such a great steward of the club, its growth and success." He wrote on the club's website, below Liebherr's statement.

"Together, we have the passion and motivation to build on Southampton’s excellent progress in recent years as we look forward to an exciting next chapter for the club."

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